Community Planning & Engagement

Community Planning & Engagement

Community Planning

In addition to its advocacy work, LDC has a long history of facilitating discussions between professional planners and community residents and business owners.  LDC believes that the future of a community is best planned by the area stakeholders with the assistance of professional planners who can play a supportive role.

Lemay Market Analysis and Market Analysis Update

In 2005, a Market Analysis was completed for the Lemay community.  The goal of this document was to help in the visioning and creation of community and economic development goals.

As a result of a changing market, the addition of River City Casino and the construction of River City Casino Blvd, an update to the market analysis was completed in 2011.  These documents, along with the Lemay Comprehensive Plan help guide the economic development initiatives of both the LDC and St. Louis County.

The 2011 Lemay Market Analysis Update can be accessed here.

The 2006 Lemay Comprehensive Plan, and annual reports, can be accessed here.

Community Engagement

Community economic development initiatives blend economic data and research, like the info that can be found in the Market Analysis, with the want and needs of community stakeholders.  The views and ideas of those that live, work, worship and play in Lemay are crucial to the continued success of redevelopment efforts within the community.

One of the recent examples of the LDC’s efforts to engage stakeholders in the development process in the planning initiative related to the intersection of South Broadway and Ripa.  With the support of many community members, the LDC–and it’s institutional partners including the Lemay Housing Partnership–worked through a process to plan for future development that is sensitive to the existing community.

To learn more about the South Broadway and Ripa initiative, please visit the appropriate page on our website or click here.