The latest edition of the Lemay Community Link Q1 is soon to be published. It is a quarterly free neighborhood newspaper that will be mailed to over 15,000 resident and business mailboxes. The newspaper aims to get out information to the residents and businesses of Lemay from the organizations that work to better the community, such as The Lemay Chamber of Commerce (LCC), Lemay Development Corporation (LDC), and Lemay Housing Partnership (LHP).

It is also available in hard copy at these locations:

First Missouri Credit Union, 1690 Lemay Ferry Rd., 63125
MEAAA South County Senior Resource Center, 225 Lemay Ferry Rd., 63125
Midwest BankCentre, 2191 Lemay Ferry Rd., 63125
Montgomery Bank, 3808 Union Rd., 63125
Shop ‘N Save, 1032 Lemay Ferry Rd., 63125